Prahran Junior Football Club

Gregor Dixon - U15 Premiership Assistant Coach

"We implemented the Advanced Coach Mentoring game plan and training drills. It was an uncomplicated approach using effective drills that practiced individual skills, decision making and game scenarios.

I believe the Advanced Coach Mentoring approach to coaching is based around some very sound philosophies that resonate strongly with young footballers. It can be successfully implemented across various age groups and will benefit many coaches in the future."

Lee Naylor - Olympic Track And Field Athlete
Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
World Championships Bronze Medalist

As an athlete and coach, I learned that performance improves when you understand your training tasks and can practise them correctly under a knowledgeable eye. Having seen Wayne Oswald use the Advanced Coach Mentoring approach with my children and others, I know it is perfectly aligned with my coaching philosophies, and my children have become much better players because of it. Enormous gratitude and a tick of approval from me!

Dominic Xaiz - SKOB 2017 U19 Premiership Player

"The game specific training drills created a strong team culture where everyone was trained to understand and perform their match day roles. The game plan and the innovative drills were a platform on which the playing group could discover their own talents.

We learned a trusted game plan, trained it up accordingly and came away with the premiership !!"

Harry Hopkins - SKOB 2017 U19 Premiership Player

"The drills were innovative, fun and easy to learn & perform. The drills allowed each player to understand their exact role on match day and also promoted the game plan the whole team would follow.

The drills also encouraged a strong sense of team connectedness and really drove a successful match day culture. Everything was driven by clear and consistent planning and communication and pushed us from an average team to the leagues dominant team and eventual premiers".

"If young footballers are not well coached, they will not reach their full potential"

Chris Connolly - Coaching Director