Training Drills

Our library of training drills are the backbone to our football curriculum.

To assist coaches to understand the drill many drills are presented in a variety of formats: written, stick animation and film.

Training Drill categories include:

Body and Ball skills
Small groups to create high repetition so players can improve their ball skills and the way they position their bodies.
Sample Drill '2 feeding 1 shuttle'

Injured Players
Coaches should use a range of drills to maximise player involvement and management.
Sample Video 'mad minute - both feet'

Decision making skill
Players are placed under various levels of pressure to practice and improve their decision making skills.
Sample Drill '2 on 1 kick to space'

Game plan implementation
Players practice game play situations and practice the behaviours the coach wants them to follow in these situations.
Sample Drill 'ball ups clear away'

"Always remember, successful coaches never stop learning"

Chris Connolly - Coaching Director