Travis Reiner
Football Manager
The Basin Junior Football Club
Eastern Junior Football League

Structured Curriculum
What really appealed to us was the structure of the training drills/curriculum. Each training session flowed correctly making sure the players were getting all their skills tuned with a good balance of game sense activities. By having this in place also makes it easier for the players to go up the grade levels with each jump adding extra skills and game situation drills for the age group. Also really enjoyed the pre-game layout, players and officials all were on the same page and new what needed to be done at certain times.

Lee Naylor
Olympic Track And Field Athlete
Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
World Championships Bronze Medalist

Tick of Approval!
As an athlete and coach, I learned that performance improves when you understand your training tasks and can practise them correctly under a knowledgeable eye. Having seen Wayne Oswald use the Advanced Coach Mentoring approach with my children and others, I know it is perfectly aligned with my coaching philosophies, and my children have become much better players because of it. Enormous gratitude and a tick of approval from me!

Dominic Xaiz
U19 Premiership Player

Aligned Game Plan
"The game specific training drills created a strong team culture where everyone was trained to understand and perform their match day roles. The game plan and the innovative drills were a platform on which the playing group could discover their own talents.

We learned a trusted game plan, trained it up accordingly and came away with the premiership !!"

Rob Lacey
Club President

Addresses every Challenge!
"I have used the ACM coaching resource as well as seen how the parent portal works. The quantity of materials available to assist coaches with training and game plans is amazing. It is complemented by the communication piece of the parent portal and combined means better football outcomes for the kids. There would not be a football situation or coaching challenge that has not been addressed in the coaching resource."

Supporting Coaches

Progressive Training Curriculum
Use a training curriculum to ensure consistency and continuity at all levels. Create training structure, improve skills and game sense.

  • Progressive curriculum from U8s to U17s and for Senior level football
  • 40 training sessions per age level
  • Engage players and maximise each minute, every training session

Over 200 Training Drills
Access a library of drills which build individual and team skills.

Each drill can be downloaded and features:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Coaching points
  • Possible Variations
  • Image map of the drill
  • Online Animation of the drill

Educational Videos
Watch experienced coaches give advice on challenges and opportunities coaches regularly experience.

Topics include:

  • Offence (e.g. converting inside 50m)
  • Defence (e.g. coaching against a dominant forward)
  • Kick Ins (e.g. the 12 man zone)
  • Stoppages (e.g. embedding stoppages into your team’s DNA)
  • Match Day (e.g. the post game address)

Match Day Structures
Coach and react to common match day scenarios, maximise your chances of team success in every stop play situation.

Starting positions and running patterns for:

  • Ball Ups
  • Boundary Throw ins
  • Centre Bounce
  • Defending Kick ins
  • Taking Kick ins

Supporting Culture

Player Reporting Templates
Providing individual feedback to players fast tracks their skills development and strengthens the coach/player relationship.

Player reporting templates provide a guide for coaches to use to give individual player feedback and personalised improvement programs, making it quick and efficient to develop a culture of learning.

Match Reporting Templates
Providing match reports builds knowledge of the team game and engages all the club stakeholders as part of a combined team.

Match day reporting templates provide a guide for coaches to quickly and comprehensively summarise match day events and to remind the playing and parent groups of the team objectives.

360° Communication Portal
Easily manage the team and build an environment of trust, where communication is welcome and expected.

A great communicator is integral to a successful team.

Make it easy for your players, parents and coaches to communicate through the ACM App.

Supporting Clubs

Coach Appointment

Content to help:

  • Understand and define coaching skills-sets
  • Manage applications
  • Conducting interviews
  • Decide on a new coach

Coach Review

Assess your coaches and develop:

  • Match day performance
  • Feedback strategies
  • Motivation techniques
  • Goal setting
  • Club leadership

Weekly Tips

Stay Relevant!
Weekly tips are released just after the round ends and provides tips to your committees, coaches and players which use real game examples, are topical and that are directly related to the AFL news cycle.

Leading Resources

Player And Parent APP

Players and Parents can access the ACM App.

Here they are able to get up to date information on physical, mental, individual and team skills.

Health And Wellness Portal

The health and wellness helps players learn the right habits from a young age.

Topics such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, skill development, mental health and injury management are covered.

Basic Skills Coaching Tutorials

Make sure that you’re coaching important AFL skills the right way, with a step-by-step guide on how to teach skills and correct them in your players.

"Successful coaches never stop learning"

Chris Connolly - Coaching Director